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WordPress is the largest website platform in the world with 70 million sites, and over 54,000 plugins that keep design and functionality flexible. We build WordPress websites that are attractive, professional and deliver results.

Believe it or not, 35% of all websites on the internet are now built in WordPress! How do you argue with the presence and popularity this initial blogging platform has.

How WordPress Has Become The Leading CMS Platform

CMS (Content Management Platforms) started with Joomla and then Drupal. They were an answer to businesses and website owners who wanted the ability to update and new content to their website so they wouldn’t have to wait on their designer to do it. But then came along a blogging platform called WordPress. It was a lot of what the other CMS platforms weren’t. Easy to use, easy to design in and didn’t look like the rubber-stamped design available on the other platforms.

As WordPress use in design started to increase many software companies started coding “Plugins” that could be added to the platform to add additional functionality. Fast forward 10 years and now there are now over 50,000 plugins, of which some are paid and some are free, with every imaginable function you can think of.

Why WordPress?

One Answer: Because of its versatility


WordPress website design for small businessesBefore WordPress if you wanted a membership site that could also sell products and you wanted the ability to post the content your subscribers could be notified about and see you required a custom coded and complex design that could easily cost you $20,000 or more. Now with a few simple plugins you can have all of that on WordPress for a fraction of that price. Your only cost would be the design itself and the yearly cost for plugins to control those functions.


But it’s not a perfect platform and it can have its cons. The biggest one is hacking vulnerability and stability issues with the more plugins you ad. Plugins can also conflict with other plugins, something an experienced design company knows how to navigate. That is what we can bring to the table.

What Our WordPress Design Includes

Assessment & Proposal

After an initial discussion to learn what your desired needs and wants are from your website we will return with a proposal that will outline the design specifications, plugins needed and estimated cost for the design. This will include any costs for the base template for the design and paid plugins that might be needed for your functionality.

Mockups & Base Design

From there we will discuss with you what colours and look you wish the WordPress website to have and will choose a base template to build off of and start an initial base design and also offer mock-ups for alternatives look and feel.

Custom Page Layouts

Just slapping text down on a page is no longer effective so we will make sure all key pages have custom layouts, images, video and calls to action to make sure they are visually appealing across all browsers and devices as well as have key marketing principles infused into the page so you can convert visitors.

The Best Plugins

For every plugin that is added to a WordPress site typically 3 or 4 more were tried before settling on the one that was used. This can be because the plugin didn’t work as intended or because it has conflicted with the template or another plugin. We will work to find the best plugin and sometimes that does require paid plugins that may have a monthly or yearly renewal fee to keep them updated.

SEO & Mobile Friendly

We will ensure the website is built to include all the needed SEO plugins and to be mobile friendly to ensure its ability to later engage in monthly SEO. This is important as even as we approach years that sound like a Sci-Fi movie there are still website designs that don’t take into account Google and what Google likes. That includes Google’s mobile-centric indexing and that over 50% of people now use their smartphone to look at websites.

Launch & Support

Once the site is to your liking and approved for launch we will move it to your hosting server and provide all access. We don’t just leave you there, we do support the design for 6 months should any problems arise from the design or plugins and we will also provide you documentation and videos on how to use the various aspects of your site.