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WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO is much more affordable than you may think and it delivers the best ROI. Our SEO delivers quality leads to your website and foot traffic to your location. We optimize every aspect of the site including content, plugins, blogs to deliver more sales.

We love WordPress! We have built hundreds of sites in WordPress for companies big and small and we know all the ins and outs when it comes to WordPress and SEO. Partner that with our local Toronto SEO skills and you have a marriage made in Toronto WordPress heaven!


With over 70 million sites built in WordPress, it is the largest CMS (Content Management System) platform in the world. With that comes thousands and thousands of plugins that do every imaginable function you could want in a website. These plugins add a unique challenge to SEO, as well as the base template your design is built on. When it comes to SEO you need to really know WordPress and it’s plugins to get top results in Toronto, nationally or globally.


Things that we factor when it comes to WordPress and SEO results:


There are several top SEO plugins but you also need to be sure it’s compatible with other plugins that will add content to your pages such as WooCommerce, blog pages, event schedules, FAQ's etc. In addition not all SEO plugins will ensure you have the ability to have OG tags, Geo Tags and you may need a combination of plugins to cover all your site’s SEO needs.


Most websites are now built with Pages for pages and Posts for blog posts but not all sites utilize this correct structure. As well, using the correct parent / child structure and permalink settings, all combined with the right menu set up is crucial to having the best hierarchical structure for Google and SEO rankings.


WordPress is well known for having speed issues due to the way plugins effect the overall code and of course the template your design is based on. Also not utilizing compressed images can slow things down even more. Having the right plugins to improve speed is important for overall Google rankings but also for mobile rankings and that you don’t lose visitors on mobile because your pages take to long to load and they leave before they even get started.


Secure and safe websites are very crucial to Google and more secure sites rank better in Google. This makes it necessary to have an SSL certificate with your hosting but also to make sure your website uses proper coding so you aren’t serving up “mixed content” which then displays a not secure message in browsers and can scare visitors and hurt rankings. Another issue is hacking and making sure you have the best security plugin to protect from brute force attacks and injection attacks. It doesn’t make your site foolproof but it does give it the best chance possible. We ensure all your WordPress website is as secure as it can be to help against hacking but also to improve your image with Google.


WordPress plugins are notorious for breaking and having conflict with other plugins some plugins can cause issues with SEO by having conflict with other plugins, display issues or issues when minimizing code to improve speed issues. We will make sure all your plugins are working in harmony and as you need to add new plugins we’ll make sure they are safe to use with your website.


We will also scan and look for other common SEO issues that WordPress websites can experience which include trouble indexing pages, duplicate content, duplicate meta tags and broken pages. Because pages are built dynamically and different plugins control different aspects these are common issues that can hide in the background and case ranking issues. So we will be sure to monthly monitor your site for these issues and fix them as problems arise.