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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing keeps your brand fresh and top of mind. It builds brand equity and is much more affordable than you may think. We develop visibility in all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other important sites.

Having a social media presence is crucial in this digital and mobile age. It’s akin to the early 2000’s when most businesses didn’t think they needed a website. Being visible on social media not only helps you drive another stream of traffic to your site, but it can help you sell your services or products and build your brand. It also helps with Search Engine Optimization as it’s a valuable source of inbound links and sites like Google like it when you are active on the internet.


If you aren’t comfortable with social media or just simply don’t have the time we can develop and manage a social media strategy for your business. It is important to develop a social media marketing strategy that utilizes the best platforms, right messages and the right frequency of posting to get the results you desire. It also requires some marketing budget to spend to promote your messages to get in front of your desired audience.
It seems that there are new social media platforms starting every month and we know what’s new and what’s hot and what’s not.


Social media marketing is a great secondary traffic and revenue stream for your site and partners well with SEO as a good social media presence helps boost rankings in Google.

The Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing can benefit all Mississauga, Toronto and Kitchener Waterloo area businesses in some way. Which platforms you target depend on who your target audience is. If you are more business to business then Linked In is a great place to start. If your demographics are teens and millennials then Instagram is the best. And everyone should be on Facebook! In addition to reaching your demographic and gaining exposure and more traffic for your site, you also build valuable inbound links back to your website which helps with SEO. Google also likes businesses that are active on social media.

The Power of Facebook – Why You Should Be On Facebook!

Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users and over 1 billion of them are daily users and most are on for an average of 20 minutes per day. 72% of US online adults visit Facebook at least once a month. Facebook users hit “like” 4 million times a minute and watch 100 million hours of video a day. In addition to Google, it’s the second most powerful place to reach potential customers.


Data Source

Why You Should Pay to Play on Facebook

In contrast, there are only 50 million active small business pages and only 2.5 million of them spend advertising money on Facebook. The reason this number is incredibly low is that most small businesses don’t understand changes Facebook made in 2016 restricting how many page followers actually see a post made by a business (hint: it’s under 10%). So if your company has 1000 followers on your business page and you post an important sale you want people to know about, potentially the maximum number of people who will see it is 100. So how do the rest see it? You have to pay to get in front of them, but you can also expand the reach beyond those that like you to include their friends and family and anyone who fits the demographics set up for your ads and of course the region you wish to reach (Toronto, Kitchener Waterloo & Cambridge or all of the Greater Toronto Area, Mississauga or all of Peel Region etc).

Our Social Media Marketing Plans

Whether you have no presence on social media or you do but simply don’t have time to manage we can help! We can help to set up and brand each social media platform that is best for you and your business based on who your target audience is but most businesses opt for Facebook & Instagram. Once set up we can help to post monthly, bi-monthly, weekly or bi-weekly. We work with you to determine the types of messages you want to send or to get news and updates from you and then craft the messages for each platform and post them when needed.


With the right insight tools, we can also determine the best days and times your target audience is online to maximize reach. In addition, we will take SEO into account and use the opportunity to make sure that a least one additional post is made a month linking back to the site to help with SEO.


We also help with advertising on the various platforms and can help set up the right budget, demographics and create custom graphics for each boosted post or paid advertising. Boosting and paid advertising on Facebook is easy and flexible where you can control the budget and spend what you want to spend.


Or if you prefer to post the messages yourself we can meet with you and teach you how to post to the social platforms and what kind of restrictions and things to keep in mind.

Social Media Setup and Management Pricing

We have one time set up charges and monthly management pricing for our social media marketing outlined below. If you have any questions about any of our pricing or how it would work for the platforms you are interested in please contact us!