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Product Marketing

Product marketing develops the go to market strategy for products and includes the product’s pricing, promotion and competitive benefits and promoting them on catalog websites, ecommerce websites and third party retailers such as Amazon.

Whether we like it or not we are now forced to compete on the Internet which is extremely competitive, so we need to be keenly aware of the products and services that we are selling, how they fit within it’s category and how to market them.

Product marketing is so important because it establishes the entire identity of the product and how it is sold. There are so many opportunities for product marketing via digital marketing and Internet marketing that stores should be aware of these and take full advantage of them.

Product marketing on the Internet is similar to product marketing in the real world, however there are many more outlets for marketing products on the Internet. Many tools can be utilized such as social media, SEO, direct marketing and a number of other ways to develop visibility of the product and to create a buzz.


Products can be featured on websites called catalog websites which provide detailed information on products and are not sold online, but it drives traffic to the brick and mortar store. Of course products can also be sold with E Commerce web sites. The technology exists for a seamless automated process of moving the visitor from landing on your website through 2 being sold on a product and the sale is processed automatically.


Product managers focus on development of the product, and establish a marketing plan that satisfies their goals for the product. We can work alongside or in place of a product manager and develop a cohesive and effective marketing strategy.


Product marketers compile all of the information relating to the product, pricing for the product, promotion of the product and for the creation of a comprehensive marketing strategy. The product marketing strategy would include digital marketing via their website, e-commerce store, third-party retailer, the positioning of the product among other products, the overall message of the product and a solid go to market strategy.


Our professional product marketing service can successfully take a product from conception to success by utilizing our services, skills and expertise.


Our product marketing process helps to steer clear of any pitfalls and utilizes the latest methodologies and technologies that search engines and consumers look for and focuses on brand awareness, ad campaigns and every other facet needed for a product to become successful online.


We are successful product marketers of all categories of business and we take care of the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your business.