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Google Ads

Google Ads make instant rankings in Google’s search results possible, and companies can live and die by their visibility in Google. Ads are posted and a fee is charged each time someone clicks on the ad.

Google Ads, or PPC (an abbreviation of Pay Per Click) puts your ad in the Google search results and a charge is paid for each click. If someone sees your ad but doesn’t click it you don’t pay.


Google Ads are the largest vendor of search ads in the world and pretty much the best place to advertise when you are looking at online advertising.


The impression is that Google Ads and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is expensive or takes your money without yielding any return on your investment. Neither is true. When Google ads is set up and organized by a Certified Google Ads Partner you can rest assured that campaigns, ads, keywords and targeting are all optimized for performance and reduced cost per click to ensure you get the most benefit from your ad spend.

Benefits of Google Ads

  • Instant Traffic: There is no greater benefit than the instant flow of traffic it can generate for your website. This is why it’s often used to supplement new websites not yet achieving SEO and organic traffic.
  • Supplement SEO & Seasonal: Even with the best SEO, not every keyword ranks at the top and Google Ads can supplement hard to achieve keywords as well as seasonal items that can change quarterly and hard to achieve rankings for.
  • Reach More Than Just Search: Organic targets only search result pages, however, Google Ads can also be used to reach Youtube, Display sites, Google Shopping and smaller search engines in their partner network.
  • Remarketing: A powerful tool that allows you to stay top of mind to those that have visited your site. After a visitor leaves your site Google will show your display ads to them as they visit sites that show Google Ads which includes most news websites, the Weather Network, Popular blogs and much more.
  • Local Ads: The beautiful thing about Google Ads is the ability to control where your ads show, you can easily reach Toronto or the whole of the Greater Toronto area or just Mississauga or the expanded Kitchener Waterloo, Cambridge areas or just one city. Or you can target provincially, nationally or globally.

Google Ads Options

Google Ads have changed a lot since the first days when Google launched Adwords. You can still buy ads for your search terms in Google but there is a world of other types of ads you can consider as well:


These are the most common ads and displays when someone completes a search in Google. With these ads you pay for ads for specific keywords around your products, services, events etc.


These graphic ads display throughout Google’s network of sites. These can include sites like The Weather Network, CNN and other high-level sites to popular blogs, forums and informational sites.


Video Pay Per Click ads typically show up in YouTube but there are other sites in the Google Network your video ads can display.


These ads are a great way to get your individual products seen for relevant searches. Shopping ads are typically connected with ecommerce sites and use feeds to pull in products.


Remarketing Pay Per Click ads are a very inexpensive way to stay top of mind with those that have visited your site. Using the display network and graphic ads, your ads will be shown to visitors of our website as they visit display sites like CNN, The Weather Network, blogs, forums and many other sites.

When to use Google Ads


No better way to quickly and immediately get the word out about a special event or sale you have coming up. Search, Display and Remarketing ads are perfect for reaching new and existing customers.


A great way to promote and sell seasonal products or services where SEO can’t always deliver results in time for the upcoming season.


Perhaps your just starting out your SEO marketing or some of your keywords are very competitive and will take a bit longer than the others. Search Ads and PPC can help get that exposure.


Maybe you are new and you just wish to get your brand out there and recognized. Video, Display and Search ads are perfect for this exposure.


Keep top of mind to those that have visited your site by having ads that follow them to the various sites they may visit in Google’s network of sites.


You may have top rankings but want to secure the top ad spot as well, so of the current 4 ad spots not all 4 are competitors.

Why hire us to manage your Google Ads?

The advantage of using a Google Partner to set up and manage your PPC campaigns is that we have been trained and tested on all the areas of Google Ads and we will ensure that everything is setup properly and at the lowest costs possible. There are a lot of ways to waste money on Google Ads when you don’t know the system very well. We will manage everything from beginning to launch of promotion.


  1. It’s also important to know and understand the best way to group your ad groups and keywords and write effective ads that appeal to those searching but also to Google’s quality score.
  2. It’s important to know all the campaign and ad group settings so you only open your ads to your target area, demographic and desired display area (Google Search, Network Partners or the entire Display Network). Missing something as simple as a checkbox here could mean you show your ads everywhere, when maybe that wasn’t your intention.
  3. Choosing the right keywords is important. Keywords that are too generic can mean for wasted spending that also dominate your budget and reduce the exposure of other keywords.
  4. Using Negative keywords effectively. A negative keywords is when you don’t want your ad to show for something you don’t sell. For instance, if you sold hats in Toronto but you don’t sell boy hats. Then you would want to add the negative keyword “boy” if you were targeting “hats Toronto”.
  5. Bidding strategies can help you display your ads more at the times your visitors seem most active as well as strategies around increasing the cost per click to get the right positioning and help improve conversions.

#5 is important on an ongoing basis as there will always be an ebb and flow to the bidding process, especially if your business has seasons. Competitors typically increase spending during busy periods and if you don’t monitor and adjust your bidding on a regular basis your ads will fall out of your desired placement (like the top 4 or first page) and not be seen and result in lost sales.

Google Ads Set-up & Management

Pricing for the setup and monthly management of Google Ads all comes down to the number of campaigns, ad groups and keywords you wish to target. The more or varied products and services you wish to target will mean more ad groups and more keywords. Since it’s probably hard for you to how many ad groups or keywords you wish to target we have some base pricing listed below that should meet most Small Business needs, but we could always give a free quote which would include research into your products or services and all the possible areas to target and current first page cost per click estimates.