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Conversion Marketing

Conversion marketing is all about getting your website visitors to convert into buyers or to get them to satisfy a goal that you have set, such as filling out a form, visiting your store or other goals.

There’s no point having website if it can’t work for you. For instance your website can sell products online , facilitate calls to your store foot traffic to your store, complete a contact form or some other action that you want completed.


These actions that you want to happen are called goals and every website should have this planned out in detail so your website is successful. It would be a shame to have a beautiful website that does not accomplish one of the tasks mentioned above.


The first thing you need to do is to hold the visitor to your website which can be challenging because today’s savvy consumers are very impatient. You have about 7 seconds to captivate them so your design needs to be based on this aspect.


Because of this, websites, ecommerce sites and catalog websites need to address this while they’re being built so that the traffic that the SCO can bring in converts into a buyer or satisfies one of the goals that you desire.

Appeal to Website Visitors Before they Leave Your Site

You only have seven seconds to hold a visitor from the time they land on your website. In that small window you need to make them feel like they have landed on an appealing site that has what they are looking for. The key attributes you need to communicate are who you are, what you do, you are good at what you do, you have competitive pricing and anything specific to your industry that needs to be communicated.


You need to make the visitor feel good about your business with statements or images that convey that you are professional, experienced, you can be trusted. Once you have their interest the next step, which is the ultimate goal, is to create the website so that you convert the visitor into a buyer. Visitors need to be guided from the page they landed on to an eventually completing a goal, such as calling, buying your product, completing a form or emailing, whatever you want them to ultimately do.

Today’s Savvy & Impatient Consumer

Today’s consumers are very impatient and demand instant relevancy to the websites that they visit. They have after all access to the world at their fingertips and are savvy shoppers who are informed, more sophisticated than in the past and there are countless other websites that do what you do so any traffic that you get your website you need to be sure to hold onto and convert them into buyers. Any advantage that you have must be clearly communicated.

Making a Good First Impression

The first things that a visitor to your website needs to see are do you have what they are looking for, are you priced right, are you reliable, do you have information on hand that they can view or product pricing and specifications etc.


If you can’t convey to someone you just met for a few seconds what it is you do concisely you need to boil it down to a simple message just like you would with a billboard and the main image on the home page of your website.


Have a graphic of a home page that shows how the content can satisfy visitors by having things like a graphic that says 15 years in business, a menu that shows all of their products, their phone number, a slide show or header image that can address the visitor in a quick glance, much like a billboard would do, because you can’t afford to lose their interest.

Holding Visitors with compelling content

Some things that your website needs to clearly communicate are who you are, what you do, contact information, client testimonials, and cause of action that guide the visitor into buying your product. Your website needs to be a funnel in which all website traffic goes to the top and at the bottom they are guided to buying your product.


Don’t just list your services, market them.

Online Sales or Foot Traffic

Converting website visitors into buyers is the ultimate goal. To do so, websites must have good clean content, be easy to navigate and use visual clues, otherwise known as call to actions, that guides them into buying your product or contacting you if that is your goal.


The Funneling Process

Converting your visitors into buyers requires guiding them from the page they landed on to ultimately completing a goal. The best way to visualize this process is by feeding visitors into the wide top of a funnel that streams them into a place where the goal can be accomplished.

Can’t Get Visitors to Buy?

You have a website that is ranking well on Google and receiving a lot of traffic, but you just can’t seem to get any business from it. An important factor to consider is the and average time spent per page and per visit, and the bounce rate, which lets you know the percentage of people who are leaving your website before viewing a second page or interacting with any elements on the homepage.


Our Internet marketing services will deliver traffic to your website, but once visitors land on your web page good, compelling content is needed to hold them while our marketing converts the visitors into buyers by steering or funneling them into buying your product, visiting your store or any other goal you may have.


There is no point in delivering a steady stream of search traffic if nobody buys anything and we don’t want our clients to throw their money away. We will straighten out your online business so that you can get the most out of it and maximize the effectiveness of your website with winning content that markets your products rather than just listing them.

Our Professional Conversion Marketing

A lot of small businesses fall into the trap of trying to save pennies on the design of their online business while they are losing a fortune in missed revenue. This is most evident in websites looking unprofessional, with cheap looking images, poor website structure and poor content. Many companies now develop more sales via their online business versus their physical store. In order to achieve this online businesses need to appeal to Google and their visitors to the store.


Your website design must be clean, professional, inviting and your message needs to be clear. After all, what good is your website if no one buys?


What is Conversion Analysis and Optimization?

Conversion analysis involves looking at the site as a whole as well as all the site’s traffic and analytic data and evaluating it for issues as to where you might be losing your website visitors along the way. Through this analysis conversion optimization recommendations can be made as to what to change and then measured via the traffic data and conversion tracking.

Why is Conversion Optimization and Engagement Optimization Important?

What good is a website that doesn’t convert it’s visitors into customers? The other added importance is that it will start having a large impact on your website’s ability to rank through out 2017 and into the future. Google is constantly striving to improve it’s ‘Quality Content’ indexing and they have announced that that they will start to look at a website’s performance as a factor of measuring quality content.


So what does that mean? Well if you have 100 visitors to your site and 90 of them leave in the first 30 seconds and only look at 1 or perhaps 2 pages Google will assume there is something wrong with your site and/or content on the site that 90% for visitors to bounce from your website so quickly. They aren’t “engaging” your site, reading your content, viewing your pages so your site quality content score drops and so will your organic rankings.


Having people engage your site and stay longer and read more pages and ultimately contact you is the goal of any website but it is even more important now when it comes to SEO.

There are several steps to complete conversion analysis and many points of data to examine along with the site itself. Below outlines some of the things we would be examining.


In this day and age visitors expect that if a business is doing well they can afford to keep their website design up-to-date with proper graphics and nice images. If not then the impression is that the business must not be doing very well and that’s usually enough to get a visitor to leave.


Is your website busy? Is it hard to navigate? Is it hard to figure out how to contact you? Does it look right on mobile devices? There are several factors that can make a website hard to use and hard to figure out and that could be costing you website visitors.


Are all your links working as they should? Do pages go to 404 Not Found Error pages? or does a portion of your website yield an error on desktops or mobile (sometimes in the case of using Flash animation)? These things will frustrate visitors and cause them to leave to the other sites they found in Google.


Do you say enough? Do you say the right things? Do you just list what you have or do you really SELL your products or services? Do you answer the questions someone might have when they come to your site? Do you have good images or do you use obvious stock images seen on many sites? All these can help to drive sales or drive visitors to the next Google result!


Do you call to actions stand out? Are they clear enough or do visitors browse right by them? Do they appear too soon in your content? Or do you even have them at all? Call to Actions give the visitor the action you want them to take whether it’s to call, fill out a form, buy something. They are crucial to conversions!


A decision funnel helps to flow people through your site and page to the end goal or buying or contacting you. It requires the right amount of design, content, layout and a proper call to action.


Our Conversion Optimization Process

Whether you are looking to improve your conversions with visitors right here in Toronto or throughout Canada or Globally, our specialists can assist you. They understand both online behaviour and how to read traffic data related to conversions. They will analyze everything listed above and provide you with an actionable document that will include the issues found as well as the recommended solutions of how to fix the issues.

Quarterly Conversion Changes

Once these changes have been made on the site we will monitor the traffic and conversion data monthly, however, to make further adjustments we need at least 3 months from the time of the last changes to fully know whether further changes are needed. Therefore in our pricing we include:

  • The initial research and analysis along with the recommended changes to improve conversions
  • Monitoring of traffic and conversion data monthly
  • A full review at 3 months which will document which changes have worked and any further changes needed
  • A full review at 6 months which will document which changes have worked and any further changes needed

What’s Not Included in The Price

What is not included in the price are any recommended changes to the site. Because every site is different and some changes may end up being quite extensive we can not include any work or changes made to the site in our totals. We also don’t need to be the ones making the changes. If you already have a web design company or an employee who make the changes for you we can work with them to ensure the changes are implemented correctly.