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BigCommerce E-commerce Store

BigCommerce is an ecommerce platform that is both powerful and reliable and the BigCommerce plugin for WordPress provides countless design and functionality options.

If you are considering a BigCommerce website or already have a BigCommerce website we are here to help you as a BigCommerce Partner. We can build you a custom template, help incorporate add-ons, help with set up and functionality and of course help you with SEO to make sure it’s found in Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener Waterloo and Cambridge or nationally or globally with our SEO services.

How We Can Help

As a partner, we have extensive knowledge of their platform and functionalities as well as their Stencil code for templates. Whether you already have an eCommerce website and you are looking for a better platform or you are just considering eCommerce for your existing business or a new business we can answer all your BigCommerce related questions. We can work with you to set up your payment processing, Canadian and international shipping rates and Canadian taxes and more. Plus we offer you a company here, local to Toronto, Mississauga and the Kitchener Waterloo area to meet with and discuss your eCommerce needs.


We are more than happy to talk with you and assess your needs and explain how BigCommerce would work for you and what to consider. Of course, we love everything BigCommerce and think it’s a fantastic platform, but we also know their platform isn’t for everyone. We will give you honest objectivity, and recommend the best platform for your needs and goals.

Why Choose BigCommerce For Your eCommerce Website

When it comes to choosing platforms there are quite a few hosted eCommerce platforms. Not sure what a hosted versus non-hosted eCommerce platform is? We explain choosing an ecommerce platform here. They all seem to have a lot of similar features and pricing so how do you choose? Here are the things to consider with BigCommerce including the game-changer that helps set them apart from all the other hosted platforms:

Game Changer: BigCommerce for WordPress

This is so big we had to put it first before we sell you on all the other great features BigCommerce has. They have launched something that gives them a very clear advantage against other hosted platforms and its the introduction of BigCommerce for WordPress. I know you are likely wondering why would I want to put BigCommerce into WordPress, now I have to pay for hosting and for BigCommerce, but this change opens up a huge door for design. One of the biggest complaints against ALL hosted (paid) eCommerce platforms is that their design capabilities are quite limited. Adding something as simple as a Mega Menu is a massive undertaking on any eCommerce platform. Slideshows are fixed and can’t really be customized too much outside what is available in their code and don’t even think about custom page layouts for content based pages.


This plugin now gives you the stability, security and support of BigCommerce PLUS the design of your dreams and the ability to have as many custom-designed information pages as well.


We explain more about how this works below.


BigCommerce in the years we have worked with them have had very few outages or down-time. This includes during all the time they have upgraded their platform or changed their base code from BluePrint to Stencil. The platform is highly stable compared to self-hosted options.

Everything You Need

BigCommerce when compared to other hosted platforms offers all the same features and even a few more. They also offer the ability to add 3rd party platforms for additional functionality if there is something you really need but isn’t something included. For most retailers and small businesses, BigCommerce has everything you need included in their price.

Feature Rich

Their pricing structure is designed to grow with you. Initially, you can start at $29 a month but as your sales increase then your monthly cost will as well. Other platforms charge the higher amount right away or restrict your features, or charge you on a percentage of your sales if you don’t utilize their merchant services.


BigCommerce offers great 24/7 support with live chat, phone support and an extensive knowledge base. Whether it’s a problem with your store or you can’t remember how to add a product, you will always have support and someone to call to help with anything related to their software.

The Flexibility of WordPress Plus the Power of BigCommerce

This new feature opens up a door to merge the best of 2 worlds, design and a stable, secure eCommerce platform. Most people choose to go with a hosted solution like BigCommerce as of its stability and security. Being top rated in security it is considered a PCI level 1 to Woocommerce’s and self-hosted Level 3’s, if they can even attain that with an SSL certificate. Most also choose it over a WordPress and Woocommerce option because Woocommerce can be unreliable and break. Woocommerce typically requires at least 20 plugins (add-ons) to achieve all the functions you get with a platform like BigCommerce, which opens the door for problems and instability.


However, most people who choose BigCommerce or the other hosted options hate the rigidity of what even custom templates can offer. There is little flexibility to have custom layouts on the home page or content pages or have a beautiful mega menu for easy navigation or nice touches of subtle animation of the content on the page. So those who wanted those had to go with a WordPress / WooCommerce option and deal with the stability and security issues. This new option to have your eCommerce portion still run through BigCommerce but have the design aspect controlled by WordPress changes all of that.

Have The Design You Want

We can deliver on the design you want, including beautiful mega menus that can highlight the best products or categories and organize your store professionally and also have all the custom pages you want, a full blog with categories and everything WordPress has to offer you in terms of added functionality. All this while not giving up on the security and stability that BigCommerce has to offer as your eCommerce platform. Within the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin it will connect with your store and allow for the customization of your product and category pages and as they add products to the cart and checkout, it’s all controlled and delivered from BigCommerce in a secure and seamless way.

How This Impacts Cost

The WordPress design would require a hosting plan, so the only additional cost over a traditional BigCommerce design would be the cost for hosting which a good WordPress dedicated host costs roughly $15 to 25 a month.


You would still require someone to set up your BigCommerce store which would include setting up Canadian taxes, shipping rates and setting up your payment processors. Instead of building the custom design in BigCommerce, it would be built in WordPress and would require all the standard WordPress setup and design. Since the work is roughly the same the cost with us wouldn’t change and would only mean the additional cost of hosting over what you would normally pay for BigCommerce.


In our opinion, we would recommend all online eCommerce stores that have a lot of informational pages, or want a very customized design to highly consider this option!